Art Links content analysis

Board Game Content Analysis

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Think about the content that you're interested in teaching and break it down into the eight content types in the table below.

Content Type
Content Elements
Game Elements


The smallest unit of information
Title of art work, artist, where
artwork created, art style or school
Information provided on back of postcards with image from art museum collections.


Categories of things with a common name and critical attributes
California State Visual Arts Framework,
Elements of Art, Principles of Design
Classification drawing cards


If-Then relationships between concepts
If principles of design are used to
organize the use of elements of
art in every successful artwork, then
students should be able to explain how
they are used in specific artworks
Classification drawing cards and player's justification of choices.


Step by step actions in a series
Identify artwork, describe, analyze use
of elements and principles in artwork
Players "script" when playing postcard


Natural or routine sequences of events
Selecting playing pieces and catagories,
Comparing artwork choices, Explaining/
defending choice
Cycle of play


Unpredictable happenings
Building on choices made by other
Random choice of postcards and classification drawing cards


The backdrop for all the content
Using skills developed in High School
Visual Arts Class to analyze artworks
Combining art history, artistic perception and aesthetic analysis skills while playing game.

Vantage Points

The roles or points of view from which people look at and interact with this content
As players and opponents
Combination of opponents and collaborators during play.