Algebra Safari Content Analysis

Algebra Safari
Created by Nicholas Ingrande

Algebra Safari is a game designed to teach and reinforce problems involving the Order of Operations. The game covers expressions with variables and without, variable equations, and error analysis.

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Using the Order of Operations to simplify and solve
Expressions and Equations
The Game Cards


Expressions without variables

Expressions with variables

Variable Equations

Error Analysis

Difficult Multi-step Equations
Blue Cards

Orange Cards

Purple Cards

Yellow Cards

Black Cards


All of the concepts require the use of the Order of Operations.
The Game Cards


  • The players will have to pick a card and solve the problem.
  • If the player is correct, then the player move the number of spaces that the card states.
  • If the player is wrong, then the players stays in that spot until they get a card correct.
  • The players move through the game board and the first one to the Bay of Parenthesis wins.


Natural or routine sequences of events


Unpredictable happenings


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