Welcome to the Class Wiki for EDTEC 670 . Students enrolled in the EdGames class will use this space to submit the
  • Learning, Motivation, and Fun Analysis
  • Board Game Project
  • eGame Design Project
  • Blog Contributions

Individual Wiki Pages

Each member of the 2009 class will have their own wiki page. This will give you a page to practice editing and it will give the instructors one place to go for a link to all your contributions.

Visit the 2009 Roster page for instructions.
Visit the Game Vocabulary page for a list of terms from our first class.

What's a Wiki?

Wikis are a special kind of web page where anyone can make changes to the page by clicking the page's edit button.

Your first exercise is an individual assignment, so you'll get a chance to practice wiki-ing on your own. Future assignments will be collaborative. Since wiki pages can be edited by anyone, each member of your group will be able to work on the group writeup.

How Do I Join?

Create your wikispaces account, then log in and click "JOIN". Karl will manually accept your request within 48 hours.